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Hearing Voices? How to Discern God’s Voice

I’ve been a faithful exerciser for more than 20 years. Almost without fail, I have gone to a gym, grabbed the dumbbells at home, hit the pool, gone for a run, taken a class or jumped rope—six days a week. As such, I know what it means to “listen to ...

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What If Jesus Was Never Born?

What would your life be like if Jesus was never born? What would the world be like if Jesus was never born? Those are two questions that I once heard and it made me reflect on how life could be radically different. It made me wonder what my own life would look like if ...

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Rallying Cry

A brisk chill wafting, colorful leaves floating earthward and shorter days welcome autumn once again. Ah, nice transition with summer temperatures escaping the scene. Furthermore, we’re slap bang in the middle of football season. Just like that. Time to trifle away hours watching our favorite teams perform. During halftime, I ...

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