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When God’s Guidance Is Disguised

What should I do when I’m stumped while trying to receive the leading of the Holy Spirit?  Well, I need to do some analyzing. Just who is having the problem?  Is the Holy Spirit sleeping in?  No, the Bible says God never slumbers nor does He sleep. (Psalm 121:3-4) Is He maybe out of His office and can’t hear the phone ringing which carries the message of my request for guidance? Nope, can’t be that.  The Bible assures me that His ears are open to the prayers of the righteous. (1 Peter 3:12-A) Well, then what can be the matter?

I need to stop and check my trust meter.  Am I in a frenzy, or resting patiently in the knowledge that even though I don’t have things under control, He does?  My loving Lord doesn’t want me hyper and stressed out.  Psalms 138:8 promises me that He knows what concerns me and He cares about those things.  In John 14:27, Jesus encourages me not to be afraid. Why? Fear gobbles up my faith so that it does me no good.

When my thoughts and reactions stem from a frantic, fear-filled state, they can easily overtake my good judgement and frail ability to believe God’s truth.  Repeatedly, Jesus told His disciples, “Be not afraid,” and, “Trust Me.” He instructed them to reject the fear that fiercely threatened to overcome them.  Jesus knows the danger that fear still poses to His beloved people.  Peace and calm are my best defenses when it seems I’m swinging on a thin thread over a very deep chasm–waiting.
(Colossians 3:15)

After I get settled into a calm and trusting state of heart and mind, I need to realize that my thoughts and ways on a matter are not like His. (Isaiah 55:8)  God is creative.  How He responded in a previous, similar instance may not be the way He chooses to respond in this current one.  I cannot put God in a box.  He just doesn’t fit.  And, He isn’t tame. He may do something altogether mind-boggling!  My best bet is to stay calm and trust Him.  I need to trustingly move forward to the best of my ability in the assignment that He has given.

What if I told you I was assigned this article but had no idea what to say?  How I was getting no clear indication of the message God wanted to convey to you.  And here you are, reading an article that encourages you to believe that God is faithful, able and willing–even if guidance doesn’t come the way you (or I) anticipated.  He doesn’t withhold guidance when we ask for it. (1 John 5:14-15)

I stayed calm and trusting and saw God move in a unique way on your behalf, and mine.  I never imagined that His response to my prayer for guidance would come in the form of seemingly no obvious leading whatsoever.  I marvel at the ways of my great God.

How might God’s guidance be disguised in a new and unique way that you haven’t expected?

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I just love walking outdoors - day or night. I identify most with the creative side of God and am energized by His artistry all around this world. He amazes me every time I turn around! Yeah, God and thank you, Jesus.

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