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6 Reasons Being a Teen Rocks

Teenage years are a parent’s worst nightmare. They dread having to deal with temper tantrums, relationship drama, and “my-body-isn’t-perfect” meltdowns. Some parents pray so hard for their children’s survival throughout the teenage years—one would think being a teen is a deadly disease.

Undoubtedly, adolescence is a tough time of self-discovery as you transition from childhood into adulthood. But it’s also an unforgettable time made up of new discoveries and fun memories. Take a look at the top six reasons being a teen rocks.

1. The High School Experience
Goodbye middle school. I’ll see you in a couple of years, college. Hello high school. The place where dreams are born, but hearts get broken. It’s the birth place of procrastination and the garden where B.F.F. (Best Friends Forever) grow. High schools are more than just learning institutions, they’re where teens learn life lessons and recognize their strengths.

2. Free Pass to Crazy Outfits and Messed-up Hair
You can wear as many color combinations as possible, and get away with it. You can rock curls, afro, or even a combination of both, and get away with it. You can wear your brother’s shirt with your grandpa’s hat, and get away with it—all because you’re a teen.

3. Later Curfew
Who doesn’t enjoy a little extra leisure time? Getting the go-ahead to stay out after nine, has got to be a plus. After all, that use to be your bedtime.

4. More Responsibility
I know you probably don’t see how having more responsibility could possibly rock. But look at it this way, the more you prove you’re responsible, the more independence you gain. In addition, instead of being babysat, you’ll become the babysitter—that’s extra money. And you’ll get the privilege of number three above.

5. Free Stuff
You automatically get a free access pass to live rent free; no bills to pay. You get clothes, food, and accessories for your pleasure, all without paying a dime. To top that off, you get an allowance! Life couldn’t be sweeter.

6. You’re an Influence
Isn’t it cool that you get to make an impact in your peers’ lives? Whether you choose to be a positive or a negative influence, is up to you. But you can choose to let your light so shine, that your buddies will see God through you.

“Let no one look down on your youthfulness, but rather in speech, conduct, love, faith and purity, show yourself an example of those who believe.” (1 Timothy 4:12)

Share your opinion, what makes being a teen rock?

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