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Sharing the Gospel is the Bottom Line in Montenegro

“The one who plants and the one who waters are alike. Each one will receive his own reward. For we work together with God. You are God’s field.” I Corinthians 3: 8-9 (New Life Version)

The country of Montenegro gained statehood when they voted to split from Serbia in May of 2006. A beautiful, mountainous country situated on the Adriatic Sea, the main religion is Eastern Orthodox. Still, in certain areas you can hear the daily call to prayer for their Muslim community. And while their religious beliefs are very important to the Montenegrins, there is a true need for the Gospel to be shared. Many have questions about God and His Word, and want to know more. This is especially true of the young people attending the universities.

In the spring of 2014, CRU, formerly Campus Crusade for Christ, accepted the call to send 10 college students and 8 leaders to Montenegro for a five-week “Summer Project” missions adventure. My daughter, Sarah, was one of the students. Sarah was able to take several of The Bottom Line’s mission cards along with her to Montenegro, using the “Roman’s Road” to salvation included on the cards to share the Gospel with young Montenegrins. Opportunities to share were not limited to college campuses, although this was the main focus. “I gave the Bottom Line’s cards along with tips to the waiters who took care of us in the restaurants and coffee shops too,” Sarah shares. “It helped to have something to leave with those we shared with, knowing we wouldn’t be able to see them again.”

Many seeds were planted this summer in Montenegro by this group of American college students and their CRU leaders, who give generously of their time in ministry. Many Montenegrin students had questions about the bible and there were several decisions for Christ when the Gospel was shared. This time in Montenegro saw the planting of seeds in the lives of college students needing to hear of God’s love for them. And this is just the beginning. Prayer is needed that God would send those who would water that seed so that in time He will bring the harvest of souls! Sarah has this request: “pray that the gospel would continue to spread and that people would desire to know Jesus in Montenegro.”

Sometimes we are called to plant seeds, sometimes God sends us into someone’s life to water those seeds, and at times we are blessed to see the harvest when someone accepts Christ. We all have a part in sharing the Gospel, and only on that final day will we know the outcome of our labor. “We work together with God.”

More about Montenegro:
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60% of Montenegro is covered in beautiful, black mountains
Montenegro means “black mountains”
on the dinner menu you may see: Cut Hay Chowder, Barley Porridge, Cooked Cabbage w/ Smoked and Dried Mutton, or Green Bean Stew

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