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Thanks, But No Thanks–When I Want My Way, Not God’s

My daughter missed the bus this morning.  It happens.  She is 10 years old and just not a morning person. We really didn’t do anything differently.  I am a stickler for the usual with her “ wake up” routine.  This morning, poor baby, was just moving slower than a little turtle.  I guess in some small way I have to share the blame. We enjoyed spending time with some friends last night and it left us all a little groggy as the sun appeared this morning.

I walked into her room again and encouraged her ever so gently (I ripped the covers off and pulled her out of bed) to arise.  Now, she is a con-artist and her skills have been honed on yours truly.  With those big blue eyes and her best “Mommy,” she asked if I would just take her to school.

I, of course, said, “Yes”

She finished getting ready and then all of a sudden things changed.  She saw the clock and thought in her little mind that she could just make the bus.  She became frazzled, frustrated and down right angry as she was frantically gathering her stuff.   She started to cry and pitch a holy fit.  She decided she now wanted to ride the bus, but realized there was very little chance (like no chance) she could make it on time.

I stopped her cold.  I couldn’t tolerate this outburst any longer.  I made her sit down and chill out.  After she calmed down, I tried to talk to her about what was going on.

Me: “Listen, I see you struggling.  I solved your problem for you.  I told you we have a different plan and that you would be okay.”

Her: “But I wanted my plan.  I like the bus.  I want to ride it.”

Me: “Look, we are  not going to do this anymore. You didn’t make the bus. I said I would be happy to drive you to school with no punishment, lecture or anything.  Why won’t you accept the grace I am giving you?  It really hurts my feelings when I try to bless you with something you don’t deserve and you would rather have your own way.  Even if my way is better.

As the words were rolling off my tongue, they began to slap me right in the face.

How many times do I do the same thing with God?  How many times do I look at what HE has been so gracious to give me and say “No, thanks.”

During this holiday season I hope you find yourself so very thankful and realize how blessed you are.  I hope you take some time to also think about what God showed me today.

What blessings are you casting aside and just outright rejecting because it is not what you wanted?

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