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The Lost Art Of A Hand-Penned Note

It has probably been way too long, if I have observed society accurately, since you’ve written a letter with pen and ink.  I used to wonder about the best technique.  Then one day, very long ago, I received a letter from a friend’s mother in response to my simple thank you note after visiting their home.

Her letter was a perfect example of grace, simplicity, and elegance.  It was warm and sincere.  She shared a specific memory from the days of my visit and stated the pleasure that my presence brought to her home and her heart.  She added some interesting happenings of her daily life and, in closing, made me feel welcome to return again at any convenient time.  She used a lot of positive words like wonderful, good note, helpful, and blessing in her response to my simple note and visit.

This afternoon, while reading a story on Family Life Today, I was again reminded of the immense importance of a handwritten effort.  A husband, after attending a couples Weekend To Remember, had written his wife (of some years) a heartfelt love letter.  It was inadvertently misplaced and they searched high and low without locating it.  The pair finally returned home without the letter while the wife mourned the lose of such a treasure from her husband.  Fortunately, one of the staff later found the letter and contacted the couple who then gave permission for it to be used in the article.

What made that note special?  The same ingredients that makes any hand-written note from a loved one or someone you highly esteem special.

1. Extra effort and time was evident.  It wasn’t a “whip it off” email with a click on “send”.  Someone chose just the right paper or card.  They pondered the words to best convey their heart.  They took the extra time to write it out, then acquired a stamp and made sure to deposit the envelope in the mailbox.

2.  The handwriting of the loved one will stir up unique memories.  There is something mysterious about how the familiar and individual loops, crossed “t’s”, and slants cause special memories to surface.  Many times we can identify who sent the note by simply viewing the writing.

3.  There is the opportunity to read it again and again.  Each time the note is read, we can bask in the heart of the message.  Sometimes, it seems, we can almost hear the voice as we read the words.  It reveals the heart of the author like nothing else can.

4.  It is a piece of one’s heritage.  There is a special significance attached to a priceless treasure that one can save and show to future generations.  Telling about a person doesn’t even come close to revealing the true person like their own words and thoughts can.

Make time today to bless someone with a hand-written note.  It doesn’t have to be long and drawn out, just sincere and personal.  Don’t put it off.  You never know what the future holds.  (Philippians 1:3)

When was the last time that you sat down and penned a letter to someone?  When did you last receive one such letter?  How special did that make you feel?   

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