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Wrangling for God’s Wisdom

When we want or need wisdom we are to ask God for it.  He gives generously to whomever asks; but, we must ask in faith, believing, otherwise, the Bible tells us, we receive nothing at all.  Proverbs 8 says wisdom longs to be found. She strategically positions herself – standing on high, along the well-traveled paths, and at the entrance to our destinations. This whole process of asking, believing, and receiving revolves around belief (faith) and unbelief (doubt and fear) as James 1 reports.  If we wonder whether we are smart enough, spiritual enough, or worthy enough to get the wisdom we need, we’ve already planted sabotaging seeds of doubt.  Do I have what it takes to believe? What if I believe the wrong thing and I’m embarrassed?  What if, by trying to get wisdom, I miss out on the end result I am hoping for?  Ah, the ugly head of fear-filled doubt rises up to rob that which God offers abundantly and freely, simply for the asking.

Once we decide to ask for His wisdom on a matter, we must confidently believe that He gives it; not, “will give” it, but “has given” it.  Next, we take action.  This is the true test of faith… does one exhibit unwavering confidence to the point of action?  If we give in to fear and wonder if He gave, then doubt negates the whole process and either the enemy steals away our God-given wisdom or we have unwittingly given it away.   Unfortunately, at that point, God gets the blame for “holding out” on us as we attempt to reconcile the matter with our finite understanding.  We forget the part about “confidently believing” in order to receive. 

My friend, the moment we even think to ask God for wisdom, He has delivered it.  Picture Him holding out a silver platter upon which rests that wonderful nugget of wisdom.  It sits right within reach…waiting.  The next move is ours and determines whether or not we will receive that for which we ask.   Will we reach out in faith, take God’s offering, and believe that the God who gives is able and trustworthy? 

To get wisdom from God, we must receive it by faith, believing. There is no need for wrangling.  He gives immediately and generously.  Period.   Once we ask, He provides. He always does His part and delights in providing for His children.  Rejoice.  Then move forward boldly, confidently, and thankfully.

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I just love walking outdoors - day or night. I identify most with the creative side of God and am energized by His artistry all around this world. He amazes me every time I turn around! Yeah, God and thank you, Jesus.

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  1. Great article Stephanie! I like the analogy of the silver platter. Good words to remember about God’s character.

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