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Sassy come Home

Sassy, a seven year old beagle ran away from her Kentucky home while her owner was on vacation. Cindy Romans the original owner of Sassy said she would always return home after running away. This time she did not return home. She had been gone from her owner for 17 months. One day out of the blue Cindy received a phone call from her ex-husband saying the dog had been found 400 miles away in Brentwood, Pa.

Apparently Sassy had been put in a kill shelter but was picked up by, Forever Home Beagle Rescue, Inc., and taken in by foster parents April Smith and Hope Wilson. Sassy was leading a double life as “Jenny. “The foster parents had a suspicion that the beagle had a micro chip. Sure enough when taken to the vet for a cough the dog was x-rayed and a microchip was found revealing the beagle’s true identity.

Cindy was ecstatic to find out her beloved pooch was found after being gone for over a year. She posted the upcoming happy reunion on Facebook. The dog and the owner will be re united this Friday March 28, 2014. Romans had raised the seven year old beagle since she was a puppy after she had taken the dog when she was only a couple of days old. The foster parents will be taking the dog to her original owner in Kentucky. Cindy Romans became emotional as she talked about having her dog returned to her after being separated for a long time.

This is so refreshing to know about this beloved pet being returned to her rightful owner after being “MIA” for 17 months.  Fortunately the dog was saved from the “kill” shelter and will now live a happy and long life with her  lost owner.


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  1. Great story! Sounds like something that should made into a movie and you already have found the perfect title with “Sassy come Home” 😀

  2. I see a beautiful spiritual application here. People wander away from God and end up on a path of spiritual death. Jesus takes them, no matter what condition they are in or how far they have wandered away, reclaims them and adopts them into His spiritual family, and by His grace brings them back to His fold.

  3. JLC good insight.

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