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Out from under the Card

This is a true story that happened here in twenty first century America. No, the names have not been changed to protect the innocent. Actually, no names will be given at all. This heartwarming tale comes from the annals of my own personal history. The story unfolds around the end of 2011.


I had been laid off from a job about two years earlier and finances were very tough. We were at the point of charging basic groceries every week. This pattern brought us into a downward spiral of mounting unwanted credit card debt.  I began calling bill collectors to tell them we would be late on the monthly cycle. Most of the service providers were very kind and willing to work with us.  There was a couple in the batch that were not so understanding and not willing to work with us on the late payment schedule.


One of these was a credit card company who would call us weekly to try and arrange a pay schedule with us. Some strange reason we could not seem to get on the same page about when to make the payments each month. The drama unfolded to the point where we owed them over $300.00 for a month’s bill. I tried talking with them to give us more time to get the money to pay the bill. They would have none of it. They called one Friday afternoon and informed us that if we did not have the payment sent to them by the following Tuesday they would turn our delinquent account over to a bill collector.


We had no way to pay the bill off in that short amount of time. Sunday we went to church and we knew somehow the money would be coming in at just the nick of time. We walked into the sanctuary and our pastor walks over to us and said” I was told to give this to you and I had nothing to do with it.” He hands us an envelope and my wife looks inside of it……. Guess what the envelope was stuffed with $20.00 bills in the amount of $500.00. Someone in the church anomalously gave us the money as a gift. The gift covered the credit card debt and we had some extra cash left over. So Robin Hood still exists in this modern world.

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  1. Greg, that is a great story. It can be very difficult to know who to give to these days. There are certainly a lot of people with legitimate needs. I know that my family struggles with the issue of panhandlers. You just don’t know sometimes. Do they need money or is it a scam? However, it’s a blessed thing when charity is provided to someone who truly needs it. This certainly ties into your other article, “I Dress a Million Flowers,” about God’s provision for us. Nice article. 😀

    • Joel,
      True it is hard to know who to give to and that is why we need to depend on God’s Spirit to listen to him so we know we are giving in his will.Thanks for your kind comments

  2. Many people will identify with the struggles you went through and perhaps there will be some reading your article who are going through similar obstacles at this present time. Your personal experience is a testimony to God’s goodness and love for indeed He moved within their heart(s) whereby they had this desire to use their gift of helps to benefit someone in need. He blesses us so that we learn from Him to do the same for others.
    Because we know He cares, it should be our hearts desire to give Him praise even in hard times for He knows the problems we are facing and His promises are our assurance of His faithfulness!

  3. Cora,
    So true there many going through the struggles we experienced and God delivered us
    and he will deliver others out of their struggles as well.Thank you for your kind comments.

  4. Greg,what a wonderful testimony. I have found myself to be in similar circumstances and the times when I trusted myself, the situation failed, but when I trusted in God, He prevailed. Trust is when I don’t keep worrying about how it will get done. I know it will and I wait for when it will happen. Thank you for sharing what so many others are going through.

  5. I like your definition of trust, Renee. I have had similiar experiences.

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