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The Bible: A Medicinal Handbook?

Did you know that the Bible has much to offer in the way of medical advice on physical advancement and healing–and not just the miraculous kind?  In a multitude of Scriptures, God mentions the necessary steps  to bring wellness into situations where various people languished in dire need of help.   There are many instances where today’s medical science is finally catching up to the advanced knowledge of God’s instructions.  The following is not an exhaustive list, but it will make you think.

Basic Diet
God’s initial provision blessed His human creation with a live-in grocery store.  He provided every nutritional food, at hand, that they would need.  The plants yielded clean food, not compromised in any way.  Even a “root-food” option with soil residue would provide the very important B-12 vitamin.  After God removed Adam and Eve from the garden, He gave specific dietary instruction to His people that would best supply His prized creation with optimal health.  (Leviticus 11)

Medical Procedures
Circumcision:  When God instructed baby boys to be circumcised on the eighth day, it was perfect timing.  Years later, doctors learned that on the eighth day after birth, clotting enzymes are at their highest and vitamin K is optimal.  It pays to follow God’s leading even when there are unknowns.  (Luke 2:21)

Polices:  Figs!  Did you know that figs contain an enzyme, ficin, that draws and aids amino acid production, and reduces inflammation?  When Hezekiah was sick to death, the Lord instructed that a “lump of figs” be laid on the boil [to draw out the poison] and Hezekiah recovered.  No problem with side effects in this instance. (2 Kings 20:7)

Lifting Depression:  Yes, depression and worry have been around since Bible times.  Proverbs 17:22 advises us to seek and think on those things that bring us joy. Have you ever considered puppies and kittens?  Any side effects these remedies may create, bring extra blessings like walking, ball-throwing and creating a focus on another. (Philippians 4:8)

Preventatives–Essential Oils and Spices:  We read throughout the Old Testament of the varied uses of oils and spices.  Frankincense and myrrh were given to Jesus at birth as a gift from kings to a King. (Matthew 2:11)  Mary and her friends anointed Jesus’ feet and body with spices and oils.  (John 12:3 and John 19:40) 

Essential oils and spices are very powerful healing agents.  The hot oils (cinnamon, oregano, clove) can burn your skin if not mixed with a carrier oil, but are very powerful antiviral and antibacterial.   I have much experience with essential oils, and even the common peppermint, is good for bringing down a fever or keeping one alert and diffused orange oil in has the ability to facilitate a positive mood change to a room of people. (Great for the office.) Using essential oils at the first feelings of infirmity have averted many trips to the doctor for my family.  Some essential oils are compromised and adulterated, so buying from a reputable producer is paramount. (Leviticus 8:12)

Great Complexion: (myrrh specifically)  Want a beautiful complexion?  Esther was given a six month beautification protocol so she could best present herself before the king.  (Esther 2:11)

Prayer: Last but not least, it’s the most powerful “medicine” listed in the Bible. (James 5:15) God has prepared for the needs of His people. We just need to take heed, receive, and apply the wisdom that He gave so long ago.  It still applies today; not one part has grayed and tarnished or fallen useless.  (Luke 21:33)

How can you take some responsibility for “easy” cures for some minor ailments?  Search the Scriptures for God’s input on your situation.  When necessary, go to the doctor, but know that God may have a simple and  safe solution for you written in His word.

What methods of healing mentioned in Scripture have you tried?

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  1. Fantastic article! I have come to believe my body is a post-it board God uses to get my attention to ways I am mis-aligned with His Spirit. I don’t see it as a ‘blame’ thing but as a magnifier that redirects my attention to Him. I believe the roots of disease are revealed in Scripture…and that delighting ourselves in God is the best prescription for finding healing :).

    • Thanks for your comment, Billie Jo. I agree completely with your comments. I wish I would’ve had the “word” room for adding the awesome way God took care of the bacteria problem that was the main cause of Leprosy. It is amazing how, without a lesson on bacteria, He instructed the Priests to do the necessary cleaning after being in contact with that germ. It gives me confidence to trust Him more and more.

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