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Our Hope: It Is All In His Hands

‘Blessed is he whose help is the God of Jacob, whose hope is in the LORD his God.’ (Psalm 146:5)

A close friend of mine messaged me today that her husband packed up and left yesterday. His reason was that he just wasn’t happy.

She told me she had no idea. She is shocked, and she can’t see God’s hand in this situation. There is an 8-year-old daughter, who simply adores her daddy. My friend (I’ll call her Jenny) is lost in feelings of rejection and disbelief. She is a strong believer, but her entire world has been rocked by her husband’s action.

Jenny turned to me, but I know she did what she knows is the right thing first…to go to the One Who holds all things in His hand. I know this only because she made the statement that she can’t see God’s hand.

When we are pressed and hurting we need to believe God is with us. But we also expect Him to fix the issue for us. If it is not something of our own doing, then He simply has to fix it! But often that is not the way things play out. We do have to put our entire trust in Him. If we do not, we are setting ourselves up for disappointment and the inability to adapt to difficult changes. Only God can make our way straight. He will give us purpose and strength to wage the war that has been set before us. But when we choose to trust Him, we need to make sure that we are telling Him this. When our hearts are breaking, we need to be on our knees, at least spiritually, and telling Him how we hurt, and how we depend on Him for the help we need.

We can ask God to fix it. That is a part of prayer, to make our petitions known to Him, even though He already knows all about it. But we must always pray His will first. It may be His will in my friend Jenny’s case, to repair and restore the relationship. I pray so. But if it is not His will, then He has another purpose. And it may be revealed quickly, or it may take a period of patience and waiting on Jenny’s part.

I have spoken words of comfort and love to Jenny. I have lifted prayers for her and her daughter, that God will give them strength and protect their minds and hearts. I have also prayed the will of the Father be done. I am always here for her. But more importantly, God is. Never forget that if you are a child of the LORD Most High, you are never alone, and your problems are not just yours. Our Hope is in the God Who loves His people, and Who brings comfort, peace, protection, and strength, because all things are indeed in His hands.

‘The eternal God is your refuge, and underneath are the everlasting arms.’ (Psalm 32:10)



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