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Be With Me In This Lonely Hour

Do not depart from me.
As I begin this journey.
In this lonely hour,
As I leave my shire.

For whatever is in store
Just beyond my door,
It terrifies me so.
Though I do not know.

What terrors lie ahead?
Or where I am being led?
“Be strong all the day.”
“Be courageous,” you say.

To my prayer now hear,
Please take away my fear.
For it cripples my will–
Makes me be still.

Strengthen my knees, my heart …
Be with me as I depart.
Take me now by the hand,
Lead me to this new land.

How do you respond when God calls you to go out and serve Him?

About Brandon K

Brandon Knight is a young gun, a martial artist, and a wannabe writer. He resides in northwest Indiana and is a seminary student at Moody Theological Seminary. Brandon has a passion for preaching the Gospel and seeing it transform lives. He loves Jesus, comic books, and the Chicago Cubs.

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