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The Tension and Burdens of God’s Saints

The man or woman fervently seeking after God’s heart experiences a life not just of joy and peace but also a life laden with burdens for others. God’s saints experience a tug of war happening in their spirit, being stuck between the longing to leave behind our sin-cursed world to ...

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Be With Me In This Lonely Hour

Do not depart from me. As I begin this journey. In this lonely hour, As I leave my shire. For whatever is in store Just beyond my door, It terrifies me so. Though I do not know. What terrors lie ahead? Or where I am being led? “Be strong all ...

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Faith In the Midst of the Refiner’s Fire

Has your faith ever been through the fire? Has it ever been refined by the scorching heat? Have trials ever put you at the crossroads, Where faith and logic meet? Have you ever suffered from pain or affliction? Or suffered loss and tragedy of various kinds? Or maybe been wrought by such confusion ...

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Can you be “A Good Samaritan” Anymore?

 My sister calls me the “Photo Nazi”.   Embarrassingly, a title I have rightly earned. More than a few times my fit has been the source of our family’s entertainment as I try to capture my girls’ childhood from behind my camera’s lens. I love to set up, take pictures just to get the perfect shot. ...

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The Proper Perspective on Our Chaotic World

The world we live in has become more polarized than ever before. Evil and darkness are accelerating all over the planet at an alarming rate. Yet amidst such chaos we find people whose social media pages express that they are more concerned with the recent upset over a female MMA ...

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