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I Walk on the Broken Trail Again

Lord, how come I am walking on the broken trail again?
I heard your small, still voice in the wind,
“Child that path leads to the broken trail again.”

I left your voice behind,
And I walked straight ahead into the broken trail anyway.
The old familiar pang of hurt and loneliness swooped right over my head.

Vulnerability 10 steps ahead,
Waved its lonely arm saying,
“This way to the broken trail just ahead.”

Your small still voice patiently entered my heart again,
“Child that path leads to the broken trail again.”
I entered the broken trail and watched my dreams fly by into the deep blue sky.
I reached up trying to grab a dream or two;
Too late they disappeared into the wind of what could have been.

I lost my wife, my family and all my friends,
Because I chose to walk on the broken trail for the hundredth time again.
I stopped in my haste and I looked into the heavens and I saw your hand of mercy reach
Down and take me off this worn out broken trail for the countless time again.

You breathed hope into my hurting soul and whispered,
“Follow me and you will never walk on this broken trail again.”
So I turned around and pondered those words for a moment or two …
Then I said within myself, “I will follow you and never go down that lonely road again.”

So the next time you’re walking on what you think are the sands of your dreams,
And you hear His small, still voice gently warning,
“Child the path you are taking leads to that old broken trail again.”
Don’t think twice about it, but just start walking in the way that His sweet voice is directing.

You will never lose your dreams or all that you hold dear,
Because you didn’t walk down that lost broken trail once again.

“As has just been said: ‘Today, if you hear his voice, do not harden your hearts as you did in the rebellion.’ “ Hebrews 3:15

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