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Searching for Meaning in a Meaningless World

I sought the world and all its glories,
A life of pleasures and no worries.
I did not withhold a single treasure,
I took anything I wanted, every pleasure.

I was writing my success story,
For I lived for fortune and glory.
Oh the food and drink, and women galore,
I needed, no, craved more and more.

I had it all … but it wasn’t enough
I could never have enough stuff.
That would make me satisfied and content,
And I knew exactly what that meant.

My happiness and pleasures were useless.
I fell to pieces, yes, my life was a mess.
So I sought wisdom and insight.
Knowledge was my friend and guiding light.

I meditated on the words of wise men.
And pondered them for hours then,
Discussed it with honored friends,
Deep thinking, it had no end.

Meaning to life had to be here!
But, alas, again I face my fear.
Life was not clearer but more absurd,
The message now I so clearly heard.

Life was meaningless, empty, vain.
I was nothing more than a stain,
That would be wiped away one day,
And eventually in a coffin I would lay.

With no where to go but six feet down,
Yes this was the conclusion I found.
So I hated my life all the more,
And no longer knew what to live for.

God sought me the whole time.
Christ had died for every crime.
And offered me unmerited favor.
I was in desperate need of a Savior.

My wretched life marred by sin,
That is where He entered in.
Forgave me of all I had previously done,
God the Father now called me “son”.

My life was no longer a revolving door,
Truly God was the One I was longing for.

About Brandon K

Brandon Knight is a young gun, a martial artist, and a wannabe writer. He resides in northwest Indiana and is a seminary student at Moody Theological Seminary. Brandon has a passion for preaching the Gospel and seeing it transform lives. He loves Jesus, comic books, and the Chicago Cubs.

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