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Which Party does God Support?

Which Party does God Support?


These days it seems our nation (and many Christians) is more polarized than ever. So, one may wonder, whose side is God on, anyway?

Democrats claim to be for the little people, the poor, and the disenfranchised. They like to spend lots of taxpayer dollars helping out the less fortunate. Then, surely Jesus is a Democrat, because he told his disciples, if you clothe the poor, visit prisoners and offer a drink to the thirsty, you’re doing it for him (Matthew 25:40).

Republicans are touted as the party of the rich and uncaring. They feel people should take more responsibility for their own lives, promote working over welfare and favor smaller government. Paul wrote if a man won’t work, then he shouldn’t eat (2 Thessalonians 3:10). And the Proverbs are filled with admonitions to work hard (Proverbs 12:14, Proverbs 14:23, Proverbs 21:25 for a few examples). So, surely Jesus favors Republicans.

In his second Inaugural Address, Lincoln spoke of the same dilemma as the northern and southern states warred against one another. He said, “Both read the same Bible and pray to the same God, and each invokes His aid against the other.”

So, does God favor Democrats who claim to be more compassionate and favor bigger government, or Republicans who feel people should be more self-sufficient with less need of government?


Just before the Battle of Jericho, Joshua met an armed stranger.  He asked the man, “Are you for us or for our enemies?”

“Neither,” the warrior replied, “but as commander of the army of the LORD I have now come” (Joshua 5:13, 14).

God is very clear that he doesn’t think like we do, nor does he plan the way we think he should plan (Isaiah 55:8, 9). It’s our job to line up with his plans, not the other way around.

Jesus prayed, “Thy will be done in earth as it is in heaven” (Matthew 6:10. So what does that mean?

All heaven revolves around God, his perfect will and his perfect love. Jealousy cannot survive in his presence. Nor can pride, or selfish ambition.

Imagine a world without greed, pride, self-promotion and ruthless ambition. Imagine the Body of Christ without intolerance, pride, jealousy and self-promotion.

1 Peter 4:17 states God judges his people before he judges the lost. So, before Christians can hope for world peace, we must pray for “Body of Christ” peace. To obtain “Body” peace, I must judge my own goals, motives and ambitions and no one else.

Suddenly “peace” becomes very personal. I must seek peace with God, then my family, my neighborhood before I can hope for peace in the world. I must make sure my own heart is pure.

Whether I vote the Democrat, Republican or Independent ticket, my first goal is to vote the God ticket: “As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord (Joshua 24:15). World peace starts with me, in my own heart.


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Passionate about worship. Passionate about Christians knowing who they are and whose they are and coming into the fullness God expects. Hosted 10 foreign exchange students and love to immerse myself in other cultures.

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  1. Nice attention grabber at the beginning, ending with an unexpected twist.

  2. Thank you. I didn’t expect that ending either. That’s what God told me to write, so I obeyed. I think he likes to surprise us!

  3. It’s interesting that so many think God is on their side. But with close inspection our lives don’t line up with His word or ways. We are either for Him or against Him. There can be no fence sitting with God. In fact if one thinks he can stay neutral, he fools himself for Christ stated that if you are not for Him, you are against Him.
    When it comes to the issues of our government the means of giving to help others is an individual choice, not a governmental decision to force people to give up their hard earned monies to support others who many times don’t want to help themselves except to free handouts so that those who need help legally are also hurt by the abuse for there is less to go around.
    What is even more troubling today is that our government gets the credit from the needy instead of those who have given to these funds out of their pockets, whereby they gain the votes of the people to stay in office so they can continue to keep receiving off the backs of those who paid for an education and found a job so they can try to make themselves responsible citizens.
    This was not the intentions of those who initiated these programs but people are corrupt and the real purposes are lost to greed and power.
    I see this nation as one that is to be by the people and for the people so governing party’s are to bend to our constitutional rights and make proper judgments accordingly. To me I see our governing body for those who are running it, as ones making laws to legally rob us of our income because they spend foolishly and take from designated projects to fund something totally different than what the monies were meant for. Corruption and greed seems to be everywhere no matter what side you vote for.
    I am so grateful that there is another King who will have rule over us and there is no guile, corruption, or unfairness with Him. His kingdom is eternal and though He is all-powerful, He is Wonderful, Counsellor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, and the Prince of Peace. Amen!

    • You are absolutely right! If we want to point fingers, the blame lies with the Body of Christ. We are to be God’s hands and feet and heart on the earth. We should be running the charities and helping people get back on their feet, not making them permanently dependent. In my opinion, the “Church” fell asleep in the wave of prosperity after WWII and lost little by little. Government gladly picked up the slack because, no matter how good government begins, eventually greedy people get into office who are interested only in power. Our current welfare system is NOT a system of compassion. It’s a system that breaks people. I once heard a pastor say that if every church in the USA took on only TWO families, to mentor back into self-reliance, there would be NO need for the welfare system. Heavy thoughts to chew on.

  4. Great perspective brought into this article. Thank you for obeying what God has called you to write. We live in a world of individual catering if you don’t like the choice of toothpaste presented, don’t worry, there are four hundred more options for you to chose from. When it comes to God, the only choice is yours. He looks at the heart and the intention not who can look the best on the outside but on the inside is what God sees. Thank you for sharing.

    • Renee, you are right. However, I believe there is good news on the horizon in that worship movements are rising up all over the United States and the world. Worship touches God’s heart! When the worshippers went out AHEAD of the army, God caused Israel’s enemies to destroy one another! 2 Chronicles 20.

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