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Should Christians Star in Reality TV Shows?

There is a reality TV show on almost every channel, for almost everyone. There are reality shows for the entire family such as, 19 Kids and Counting, sports fan, and wildlife fanatics. And if you want drama, there are series like, Love and Hip-hop or, The Real Housewives. Then, just when you think ...

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Losing Morality But Winning the Rating Race

Recent opposition has taken place in regards to a new television series airing this weekend on TLC (Formally known as The Learning Channel). The new series is titled My Husband’s Not Gay and has struck controversy from all ends of the Liberal and Conservative spectrum. The basic plot “follows four ...

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19 Kids and Counting, Part Two

Click here if you missed: 19 Kids and Counting, Part One Last Friday we began talking about 19 Kids and Counting, a reality show on TLC centered around the Duggars of Arkansas who have 19 children (to date), and the very harsh comments aimed at them that are posted on ...

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