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Stand Firm And Keep Traditions

Tradition—a nice global word that many people understand. Certain disciplines, routines, and cultural beliefs that our forefathers passed along. For this reason, thousands of years of long-standing ceremonies unite families. Creating bonds of warmth, closeness, and connection. Rites tend to offer a secure sense of belonging that make us feel ...

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The Message Remains The Same

The message has remained the same for over 2,000 years.  It can still bring the same freedom, victory, and joy to it’s hearer – regardless.  Those who believe and receive it step from death into life in the twinkling of an eye.  Each one is born again.  Each becomes an ...

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My Jesus Journey (Pt. 7) The Inside Scoop

Thousands of people listened to Jesus as He gave the inside scoop on putting together key pieces of life’s puzzle in a way that would result in an abundant life.  They listened with rapt attention,  sometimes for days.  His message was so intriguing that they even pushed hunger aside for ...

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