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How to Deal With Toxic Family

Families are supposed to be a place of support, love, and acceptance. Sometimes, however, family relationships can be the place where we experience the deepest hurt. Sometimes we can spend years sacrificing our mental and spiritual health in harmful relationships under the notion that we have to because “they are ...

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Breaking Ungodly Soul Ties

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It was a clear August morning, and I was driving to see my grandparents. Suddenly, a prayer came into my spirit for a teenager whom I knew to have an unhealthy codependent relationship with his mother. “Lord, cut the apron strings,” I prayed aloud. I hadn’t been thinking of the ...

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The Abuse Of Women: A Blight On Our Culture

Once again the social evil of abusing women has come into focus with the recent stories of football players in the news. Football is not the issue here, but these accounts are a small picture of this greater “social epidemic” within our culture when it comes to some men having ...

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