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The Bible Oscar Awards

Getting an Oscar award is a great honor; it speaks of the recipient’s hard work and accomplishments. What if there were to be a “Bible Oscar Award?” What would the categories be and who would be the winners? Weighing in at 8.5 pounds, the Oscar trophy is made with 24 ...

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Into The Trash It Went

This summer I heard a true story of a mother telling her daughter directly after receiving her soccer award, to go and throw it in the trash.  Now, before you jump to any misjudgments, hear the woman’s story out.  The daughter was on a losing soccer team.  No wins.  Only ...

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Billy Graham and the “Jesus Film”

Billy Graham and the “Jesus Film” By John Livingston Clark Dr. Billy Graham was presented with the Gold Medallion Award in association with the “Jesus Film.” This special recognition became lost in the flurry of advertising being given to “Son of God.” He was given this award by the Jesus ...

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