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I Will Not Change By Persuasion Alone

The decision to stand firm on an atheistic belief “is not for intellectual reasons but for moral reasons” -Ravi Zacharias. Think about this statement for a moment. There is more scientific evidence to prove the existence of a divine creator than there is to disprove the existence of one yet ...

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God Is Not Dead

Freshman Josh Wheaton is set to begin his college career. He has a future of prelaw-study ahead of him, and his high school sweetheart alongside for the journey they’ve planned to take together. The future looks as if God has aligned everything in Josh’s favor. But, just when he begins ...

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Am I In Denial?

I don’t believe in gravity.  In spite of all of the scientific evidence presented before me including my daily ability to stand upright, sit or lay down at any given time, I still don’t believe.  Call me crazy, but I just can’t because the answer is too simple to be ...

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Fleeing From Fear

The creeper came back to haunt me the moment they backed out of the drive. It reared its ugly head right into my face and my stomach began to churn. What if they don’t come back? “Lord, keep them safe. Please bring them back home.” My sincere prayer was heard ...

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