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Can Our Brain Benefit from Cursive Handwriting?

The use of cursive handwriting has slowly declined since the 1970’s. It is seldom taught in our schools today. Although it is no longer included in the Common Core State Standards curriculum, teachers can make a decision on a local level as to whether or not to teach their students ...

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Hobby Lobby Promotes Public School Bible Curriculum

Hobby Lobby Promotes Public School Bible Curriculum By John Livingston Clark While Hobby Lobby is awaiting the outcome of their case before the U.S. Supreme Court, president Steve Green is promoting a public school Bible curriculum that has been developed by the Green family’s Green Scholar Initiative. It has already ...

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The Truth of Bill O’Reilly

The Truth of Bill O’Reilly By John Livingston Clark He is always looking out for us. With so many celebrities speaking out against Christianity, blaspheming God, and seeking to destroy our crosses, he is a breath of fresh air. The familiar face on Fox News is a graduate of Harvard ...

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