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You Are Greatly Loved

Could it be that our perception of what God is looking for in terms of “loveliness”  in His beloved is, most often, based on our human perception instead of His spiritual perception? In Daniel 9:23, God’s Arch Angel, Gabriel, finally made it through the heavenly battlefield to let Daniel know ...

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Floods My Soul

Hopefully, Lee and I will see our children and daughter-in-law Thanksgiving Day. Can’t wait. I’m anticipating great fellowship, food, and fun. Ah, pleasant memories flood my soul of past Thanksgivings—why, I think I smell mom’s savory turkey with dressing right now! Nah. Just kidding. Seriously though, my mind drifts to ...

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Is The “Prosperity Gospel” Legit?

The “prosperity gospel” is a trend in many churches, especially some of the mega-churches, that suggests a person may become wealthy in one of two ways. The first is strictly through faith in God and His desire to make the individual wealthy. Failure to achieve wealth means you simply didn’t ...

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God-Breathed Hymnbook

The Book of Psalms contains a collection of prayers, poems, and hymns that focus the worshiper’s thoughts on God in praise and adoration. The Greek verb form, which the noun ‘psalm’ comes, basically denotes the “plucking or twanging of strings” indicating an association with musical accompaniment. Psalms served as the ...

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Parents Just Don’t Understand…Or Do They?

Parents Just Don’t Understand…Or Do They? By Joel B. Throughout the generations, teens have always sought to have a certain amount of independence within the family setting. They like to be able to make important choices on their own and have privacy when they feel the need arises. Many teens ...

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