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‘Finding Jesus’ New CNN TV Series

“Finding Jesus: Faith, Fact, Forgery” will air on March 1st.  The CNN launched show will investigate and explore the mysteries and events of the life and death of Jesus Christ.

The six-part series will investigate using new modern science and archeology in an effort to dispel myths while affirming the facts around Christianity’s foundation. Such key moments will include the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus.

The series will begin in its first installment analyzing the Shroud of Turin which many, including experts, believe to be the burial wrap of Christ’s body after his crucifixion.

The investigations and commentary will feature experts from Ivy League universities such as Harvard, Princeton, Yale, and Oxford. Theological insight and reason will be given by Erwin MacManus, the senior pastor of MOSAIC in Los Angeles, along with reverend Paul Raushenbush, executive religion editor for The Huffington Post.

The series is based on the book Finding Jesus co-authored by Michael Mckinley and award winning journalist and filmmaker, David Gibson.

The series premieres March 1st at 9pm on CNN.

In today’s society, it seems we are thirsty for biblically based movies and television with the production of Mark Burnett’s “The Bible” series along with the latest movies referencing Noah and Moses.

With skeptical optimism, I am looking forward to this six-part miniseries. I look forward to seeing how they ties science and history to refute myths and confirm facts in the Bible with the aid of well-known theologians and Christian enthusiasts.

However, I am skeptical in what the outcome will be. Christianity, although having many facts and events supported with history, is better known as a faith-based religion. As Christians, we must choose to have faith. Faith in God. Faith in scripture. Faith in the chronicled lives of the people whom are referenced in the text.

I am not saying that facts and science do not have a place in our faith or religion. There are many smart scientists out there who study history and the shape of the cosmos and believe there is a divine creator because of it. There are also people in the same line of work that believe the opposite to be true.

Who am I to say that someone cannot ‘come to the Lord’ because the miniseries proved the Turin Shroud to be authentic? God can use anyone or anything for His glory. What I will argue is that faith will not and should not be based on if the shroud is the true burial cloth, or if we find the Ark of the Covenant, or if we find Noah’s ark. Our faith and trust in God is the true cornerstone of our beliefs and religion.

What is the cornerstone of your faith?

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