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Two Options: Faith or Fear

Security, a sense of safety, is a basic need.  Even secular psychology recognizes this fundamental, biblical truth.  In fact, our human minds have only two default pathways to choose: faith or fear.  The path of fear leads to captivity and death.  The path of faith leads to hope and life.  ...

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Goth Culture Among Teens

Most likely you’ve noticed them – Goths dressed in black, to include hair, make-up, and nails. Maybe you are a Goth. Maybe you’re experimenting with the Gothic identity. Maybe you’re concerned about a Gothic teenager or sibling. Do you have reason to be concerned? Although Gothdom is too diverse to ...

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Fighting Losing Battles

My dogs have some of the most resilient fleas I’ve ever seen.  Seriously, nothing seems to kill or repel these critters, and believe me, I’ve tried.  I cannot tell you the amount of money I’ve spent on sprays, applications, creams, soaps, dips and the like.  I’ve tried everything from strong ...

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Suicide Derailed

Lacey Sturm knows the depths of depression that destroy life.  Raised knowing about God, the tragedies and evil of the world sucked her into a vortex of darkness.  When she was only ten, the murder of her three-year old cousin sent her deeper into the downward spiral. “If God was ...

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Choose Life

The statistics are chilling.  In America, over 100 lives per day end through suicide; 25 times that number attempt suicide.  For young people under 25, suicide is the third leading cause of death. America does not have the worst statistics:  Europe, Asia and Australia report even higher suicide rates.  God ...

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