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Who is the Alpha Male?

In today’s society, much has been lost about what it truly means to be a man. It has become an extremely competitive world and many men have been confused as to how to respond to life’s demands. In response, men inappropriately have tried to become alpha males, but what does ...

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Stop Feeding Us Trash

Simply put, we live in a world were the media likes to feed us trash. It’s an unfortunate thing. We go to turn on the television or computer and we’re bombarded with sexual images, violence, cursing, and news about all the negative things happening around us. Sure, to an extent ...

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Mobile Showers For The Homeless

Mobile Showers For The Homeless By John Livingston Clark In San Francisco 3,100 people live on the streets. This, of course, is a picture of a much larger scenario all across America. Along with being homeless is the problem of appearance and body hygiene. This, in turn, is a barrier ...

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