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“Enough!” Restoring Peace

Frenzied anticipation for their walk elevated the canine energy to chaos level.  Happy leaps, flailing lashes and snapping teeth prophesied an impending eruption. “ENOUGH!” Restoring peace required a reprimand and a walk.  Sometimes God uses the same techniques on me.  When I see something I define as a need, I ...

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Stuffin Yourself Silly

It is not too uncommon for people to grab something, such as a bag of potato chips, and sit in front of the television. You continually dip your hand into the bag, and before you know it; the bag is empty. After all, who can eat just one chip, right? ...

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Does Media Define Beauty?

  I never seemed to look like the women in the glamour magazines, I am part Native-American and part French. Growing up, I felt so inferior and defined my beauty by magazines and women I saw on T.V. and movies. I did not have anyone at home to tell me ...

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