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A Possible Breakthrough For Testing Ebola

We have not heard much about Ebola lately. The most recent update is that it is still breaking out in West Africa. As of January 12 there have been almost 22,000 cases and over 8,300 deaths. The process for testing and knowing if one has the illness is very prolonged. ...

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Use Your Power!

The Creator used words to bring something out of nothing.  Scripture tells us Jesus Christ is the Word; He is the power and life of all that exists.  Humanity alone received the privilege—and responsibility—of using words.  Learning to steward the gift of words well is a worthy ambition.  For out ...

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Are The Current Illnesses Biblical Pestilences?

At the current time there are five illnesses in the news, that to one degree or another are posing a threat to the world population or are sickening large groups of people. Journalist Michael Synder on a webpage dated October 10,2014, asked the following question: “Why are so many deadly ...

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