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When Love Spells Silence

Little wooden heads of both men and women peered down from the eaves of the Great Hall in King Henry VIII’s Hampton Court Palace.  They were painted in lovely details: red lips, hair of blond or brown, little crowns of leaves adorned some of their heads. They all went by ...

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Gossip: Leaking Classified Information

Leaking classified information pertinent to the safety of our country is treasonous, treacherous and vile. What is the best countermand to deal with a “leak”? Douse it with “burning coals”? “If your enemy is hungry, give him food to eat; if he is thirsty, give him water to drink. In ...

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#TMI: The Cost of Oversharing on Social Media

The results are in: 88 percent of social-media users ages 13 to 17 feel that people share too much personal information online. And 68 percent of those in the same age bracket (52 percent of teens overall) have experienced drama among their friends on social media.[1] But what constitutes “oversharing.” ...

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Mote Pickers, aka Splinter Pickers, aka Blind Fools

Let’s talk about splinter pickers. We have all known them. Those people who just cannot seem to help themselves. They feel compelled to point out every flaw, every mistake, every sin that their fellow man, their Christian brother or sister, commits. We have all made the mistake of judging someone ...

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