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We Live In A Dark World: So How Is God With Us

It’s easy to assume that God is no where in sight as we watch the news and see people getting murdered on streets that were once safe. It is also becoming more apparent of the distain some people have for Christianity. It is painful to see that people can’t worship ...

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A Dot On The Wall

My husband and I taught a 5th and 6th grade Sunday school class at our church for several years. We still worship with many of our former students, some are parents themselves. We used many teaching tools through the years, everything from recorded stories to games and crafts were utilized ...

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Don’t Fret, God’s Got It Covered!

Watching those who prosper while doing evil can make you pretty angry! When will their day come? When will justice be served upon them? For those of us who serve God, it can be very angering to wait while we experience emotional pain at the hands of those who do ...

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Psalm 78:4: What’s Your Story?

Many find history boring in a school book. What’s so exciting about people who lived hundreds of years ago? Who wants to hear about all the tragedies and struggles of people who’ve been dead for centuries? But learning the history of your own family is another story. Most of us ...

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Smarter Than The Teacher

Everyone has a favorite teacher, that one who balanced discipline and hard work with fun and understanding of all their students as individuals. My third grade teacher stands out to me. She was an older lady. Her children raised, she was also a widow. She loved to tell us stories ...

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