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Your Vindication is Coming!

False accusations and  wrongful convictions, some carrying death sentences, occur in this country more often than most would believe. The Innocence Project indicates that currently there are 329 cases of wrongful conviction that have been exonerated by DNA, including 20 individuals who sat on death row!

The reasons for these false convictions are varied: from eyewitness misidentification at 72%, to false confessions and incriminating statements at 28%. For these individuals, the average time behind bars is 14 years. Imagine their joy when they realize that vindication is coming! Now imagine how you would feel if you were so wrongly treated when you were innocent, like these victims.

Suffering for things we do wrong is a consequence we all face. It is right and even healthy to have, and accept, the consequences for our actions. And considering this truth before we act can save us, and even those around us, much heartache. But what about the decisions of others that affect us? What happens when we are innocent, yet feel we are in a prison of sorts due to injustice?

The Bible says that even the rocks cry out for vindication! God Himself says that He hates unjust scales. In Psalm 37, we see His promise to the innocent: “He will vindicate you in broad daylight, and publicly defend your just cause” (Psalm 37:6).  

The Bible goes on to say that we must wait patiently for God to vindicate us: not fret over a sinner’s “success.” In the end, innocence will be revealed in the light of day. In the meantime, our part is to trust in the One who will bring our vindication and defend our cause for all to see! Human justice can be fallible, unfair, even tainted. But God  is the just Judge. We can put our trust in Him every time!

We’d like to offer you support at The Bottom Line Ministries! Do you long to see vindication for an injustice in your life? How can we  pray for your circumstance today?


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