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Finding Inspiration

Finding Inspiration By Joel B. Have you ever felt like life was moving in slow motion or that you just weren’t up to accomplishing the tasks you knew you needed to accomplish? I have those days sometimes. In fact, I think we all have those kind of days. When life ...

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Throwing Word Stones

Each fiery word that spewed from his lips burned a hole in her heart. The hurt she felt intensified with every sentence-bomb he hurled… His joy died instantly when she uttered those toxic words. Pain and sadness coursed through his being as she continued to rant… Who said words don’t ...

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Running Free

Deep in every heart, a desire pulses to live out the passions of the soul.   Perhaps that is the draw most have to images of wild horses running free.  The power and supple grace of galloping horses speaks to the part of every soul that longs for freedom.  The reality, ...

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