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Will You Pass the Test?

Knowing the right answer can be everything, but test taking is a challenge for most. Some,  after hours of study, find anxiety at test time keeps them from recalling the correct answer they’ve worked so hard to learn. Having a sense of humor when dealing with the pressure of taking ...

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The Rise of Christianity Among Muslims

Amidst all of the war and beheadings caused by the Islamic State, a miracle of rebirth is happening in the hearts of many. Muslims are discovering that there is a Christian God who is alive and with whom one can have a personal relationship. Those who have been taught to ...

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Are You Good Enough For Heaven?

“Lord, I miss my sweet wife so very much. It just wont’ be the same without her. I don’t know why you’d have me stay here or how long you’d have me to stay. I only hope that I’ve done enough good to one day be with her again.” My ...

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