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Precious Gowns

Made of wedding dresses and formals in ivories and pale pastel colors, they’re cut from the smallest patterns and trimmed with lace. They are made for both boys and girls. These precious gowns serve as burial garments for infants who are stillborn, or too small or ill to survive. Several ...

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Dog Brings New Perspective on Life

Dog Brings New Perspective on Life By Renee 7-year old Owen Howkins has a best friend who is furry, slobbery, and full of love. “…Hatchi got tied to a railway track and then he was hit by a train in North London…RSPCA found him. He was adopted by Ross and ...

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Susanna’s Way

Susanna raised her family 300 years ago, but her wisdom is timeless. She was the mother of nineteen children, losing nine of them in infancy or childhood. Two of her sons founded the Methodist Movement, one was a music composer. Her husband left her for a two-year period while she ...

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My Faith in God

My Faith In God By H.W. Faith With life there comes happiness and pain Some days the sun shines or it rains Each day is a challenge from within I pray and I ask God to forgive me for my sins Although I question my life ups and downs I ...

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