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Miss Colorado, Kelly Johnson–Not Just A Nurse

Kelly Johnson holds the title of Miss Colorado, 2015, and was a contestant in the recent Miss America Pageant.  For her talent, she performed an original monologue focusing on her nursing duties and a special Alzheimer’s patient named Joe. Joe was in the beginning stages of Alzheimer’s disease and was ...

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Making A Difference By Doing Good

It is obvious that there is a lot of “doing” of evil deeds these days.  Matthew tells us that as the last days become more clearly visible, iniquity shall abound and the love of many shall grow cold.  (Matthew 24: 12)  But is it God’s desire that His children should ...

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Paying It Forward

When I think of paying it forward, I’m also reminded of Jesus’ admonition to “do to others what you would have them do to you”. (Luke 6:31)  That is a great place to start when paying it forward.  Whatever makes your heart smile will most likely make another person’s heart ...

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