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Living In the Half-Light

The first time I heard about living in the half-light was while reading a book about what it really means to be a man. The moment I read it, I felt a little sick. That’s because I thought it might be me. Into 2010, author Wes Yoder published a book ...

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Males Who Care For Their Elderly Parents

It’s true, women are naturally nurturing. Still, being kind and caring are characters that are not gender specific. Males also posses the ability to nurture and care for their elderly parents. This duty is not just a job for women. Men also have to assume the role of caregiver for ...

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The Lion That Provides Spiritually

Lions are known as the kings of the jungle. This title is mostly attributed to their strength and powerful demeanor. In addition, like a king, they too maintain order and demand control. Husbands are often viewed as the kings/lions of the home–or as the “Bread-winners.” This means they should provide, ...

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