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Staggering Bible Statistics: The Miracle of God’s Word

Interestingly enough, two people can witness the exact same event and come away with two very different versions of what happened. Two children can be raised in the same home, under the exact same rules and expectations and can turn out entirely different. My husband and I like to tell stories of when we first started dating, but what we tell about the exact same date is entirely different. Both versions happened, but each of us focuses on what made an impression to us. Through human ideas, perception is shaped, but not so with the Word of God.

“All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness” (2 Timothy 3:16).

Incredible! The Creator of the Universe cared so much about His creation that He preserved an account of everything we need to know for life in one document.
The Bible is His road map for us. If you look at 2 Timothy 3:16 just a little more closely, you will see what I mean. The word doctrine means learning or teaching. Reproof means scolding or rebuke. Correction means instruction, while instruction in righteousness means example of justice, integrity, or godliness. Restated this verse could say, “The Bible has been given to teach us, rebuke us, instruct us, and guide us through example.”

The Bible contains information for the curious–how we were created, why rainbows exist, how different languages emerged. It contains drama and entertainment with passionate love stories, sibling rivalries, murder, sexual scandal. It contains poetry and wisdom for the more perceptive and astute. But most importantly, it contains the plan of salvation, the only way that someone lost can be saved. All of the stories and instruction lead to Jesus and God’s saving grace. Perhaps the band Casting Crowns captured things best in their song, The Word is Alive.

“The Bible was inscribed over a period of two thousand years in times of war and in days of peace, by kings, physicians, tax collectors, farmers, fishermen, singers, and shepherds. The marvel is that a library so perfectly cohesive could have been produced by such a diverse crowd over a period of time which staggers the imagination. Jesus is its grand subject, our good is its design, and the glory of God is its end.” (Casting Crowns)

When you think about the Bible in this light, it truly does blow your mind. But guess what? God planned all of it and ensured His people would have this testimony! That’s the only reason the Bible is what it is and has weathered every storm it has faced. It is the Word of God and it is ALIVE. Just to drill this in a little more, check out the staggering Bible statistics from Gideons International below. I hope you enjoy them!

Bible Statistics from Gideons International
Total books: 66
Total authors: 40
Total writing time: 1600 years
Total Words in Bible: 788,258
Total Verses in Bible: 31,102
Total Chapters in Bible: 1,189
Total Bibles Printed: 6,001,500,000
Apx. Languages in World: 6,900
Languages with complete Bible: 451
Languages with New Testament: 1,185
Language transitions in progress: 1,300

What’s the most amazing thing about the Bible to you? What blows your mind and leaves you speechless?

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