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Without Genuine Love, It’s Just Noise

Musikalisch means musical in German, and my German grandfather truly was musically gifted. He never took a music lesson but played piano, drums, banjo, and ukulele very well. In 1930, when swing music played by the big bands was all the rage, he started his own 10-piece band in our ...

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Are We Teaching Our Kids Impatience?

From spectating a sport to attending a performance, more and more parents are depending on technology to entertain their children instead of having them watch what is on the stage or on the court. Not only has the influence affected the sports and fine arts arenas, the digital tools have ...

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Lion King Revival on a Plane

Lion King Revival on a Plane By H.W. Bass This may not seem like the kind of story that one would find on a “Christ-focused” website, but this is the perfect kind of thing to put on this site. When Virgin Airlines guests were treated to an impromptu performance from ...

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