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Teens: Rebellion is as Sinful as Witchcraft

Rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft, idolatry

Living in a nation that was birthed in revolution, it is culturally fashionable to be hostile and suspicious of authority in America, a trend on the rise since the Vietnam War era. For teens, adolescence is a time of transition from parental authority to self-government, and along with the push ...

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Setting The Example of Good Authority

We all have our own relationship with authority. Some people grow up with two loving parents and experience the benefits of good authority: Mom sets boundaries for her children, yet instills the value of choice, and presents her children with options. Dad might come across as firm, or even strict, ...

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Fathers (used to) Know Best

Father, no – evidently, The State (now) Knows Best. An unbelievable story about a Connecticut family has recently emerged in the news. Lou and Linda Pelletier’s fifteen year old daughter had been diagnosed with mitochondrial disease. She was being treated for the disease at Boston Children’s Hospital. As recently as January 2013 ...

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