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Easter Is For Remembering

How do you remember something? Do you tie a string around your finger? Make a note? Write it on your bathroom mirror or say it out loud to yourself over and over? Last March, I helped my parents prepare to move. It was a massive job, sorting through treasures accumulated ...

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Substituting Holidays For Your Kids

Should you or should you not allow your kids to celebrate Halloween? Of course our young ones are eyeing that beautiful Elsa or sleek Batman costume! However, this is a very controversial issue in the church since Halloween represents something much deeper at it’s core. I’m not here to try ...

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Passover Lamb

Spring has sprung. Well, at least in our neck of the woods, with the dogwood trees in full bloom and our front yard shrubs donning colorful attire. Several dogwoods line our driveway and they’re real pretty now. Which brings to mind, I once heard a story about the ‘dogwood tree’ ...

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