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The Devil Can’t Dance

Oh how sad is the story of Lucifer. He was once a beautiful angel decorated with every precious gemstone, and he also had a gift for music. However vanity, pride, and a desire to be as the Most High God took over his heart (Isa 14:12-14, Eze 28:13). This magnificent ...

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Debunking The Satan Philosophy

Most of you are familiar with Old Scratch. He is more commonly known as “Satan” or “the devil.” Another name given to this monstrosity is “the father of lies (John 8:44).” No matter what you want to call this fiend, his philosophy is very deep and twisted. So deep and ...

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Satan, You’ve Lost!

One of the games Satan likes to play is that he will try to convince you that he is superior than the believer. He will try to convince you that he has authority over your situation and that you are stuck with him on your back. Well Satan, you’ve been ...

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Nail It To The Cross

Nail It To The Cross By Joel B. Friends, let’s dig real deep today and talk about how to get at the roots of sin and demonic oppression. Some years back I learned about taking a problem and “nailing it to the cross.” Why should you do this? Well I’m ...

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