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You Have To Give It Away To Keep It!

If you want to have your financial needs met–give of what you have! If you want to have a friend–show yourself friendly! If you want to keep your life–give it away! These are spiritual truths, but they sure don’t make sense to our natural way of thinking– give and you ...

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What Happened to Wisdom in America?

Part of the required reading throughout every public and private high school throughout the country should include the Books of Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, as well as a lesser-known Book called Sirach. (Sirach is an inter-testamental  book written around 175 BC which Catholic and Orthodox churches deem as canonical but Protestants include ...

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Easy Does It!

I was sharing with my kids the other day that when I was growing up, remotes did not exist, and that actually, I was the remote for a TV with only four channels. My oldest stared back too stunned to speak. The middle daughter replied, “You didn’t have a remote?” ...

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