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Why Pray Personal Prayers?

“Lord give us a humble heart. Where we are lacking, make us strong. Where we walk though the valley of the shadow, be thou with us to guide and protect us. Let Your light shine from us, illuminating truth, Lord. Let us be Jesus today.” What is wrong with the ...

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Prayer God Delights to Answer

Remember the Disney movie,  Aladdin? Soon after the cunning thief had discovered the genie, Genie began listing the rules for Aladdin’s three wishes. “You can’t wish for more wishes!” I’d never thought of that, then as suddenly as the brilliance of it dawned on me, Genie declared such wishing out ...

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Worthy of Honor

As a soldier, he had served our country well and was now flying back home.  He was accompanied by his family and an escort, seated comfortably in coach,  while our soldier traveled comfortably in the cargo hold.  You see, he had given all he had, literally, for his country and ...

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