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Duck Dodging–Which Direction Are You Looking?

It was a typical day with everyday activities. I had just finished my two-mile power walk/jog/flight with my 90-pound dog, Mitch. It was time for the cool-down stroll with my old, little beagle, Tippy. After all the many days of rain, she seemed a little stiff and sluggish, but nothing ...

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Exodus: Flop or Not

A few weeks ago I wrote about the upcoming movie, “Exodus: Gods and Kings.”  Unfortunately, most of the things I had mentioned as a concern (accuracy, the portrayal of Moses, etc.) were all warranted.  The supposed “box office hit” ended up being a huge flop not only in the Christian ...

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Movie Review on “Welcome to Paradise”

I’d like to review a precious Christian movie titled, “Welcome to Paradise.”  It came out in 2007. This movie stars Crystal Bernard (she played in an old 1990’s sitcom—“Wings”, plus in more recent movies such as “Looking for Mrs. Claus” Parts#1 and 2), which were cute Christmas movies on Hallmark. ...

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