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“No Fishing Allowed”!

“You will cast all our sins into the depths of the sea” (Micah 7:19 NKJV). In 1800, the French Navy built a human-powered Nautilus (submarine) designed by Robert Fulton. Years later, a different submarine underwent routine testing and remained submerged twenty-four hours. Afterwards, the ship powered safely toward the harbor. ...

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Living In Safety

In American, Christianity remains a safe choice for most everyone.  It is not so in other areas of our world where refusing to reject Christianity costs your life.  In our safety, we assume we would stand in the face of persecution.  That is a deception the enemy would like us ...

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Psalm 91 Is Relevant For Today !

As we navigate these uncertain times of change and upheaval, the words God provided in the Bible seem to be more clearly relevant than ever before. If you look closely, you will notice a very recognizable number in Psalm 91:1.  See it?  911 – a call for emergency help.  What ...

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The Ministry Of Rescue Missions

The Ministry Of Rescue Missions By John Livingston Clark How do you think you could best help someone who is living on the street? What do you think of when a person mentions a rescue mission? Unfortunately, many people attach a negative stereotype to these places. That should not be. ...

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Spanking In Public Schools

Spanking In Public Schools By John Livingston Clark So, your child has been called into the school office to be disciplined. You reside in a state where corporal punishment is legal. The principal calls you to see if it is okay with you for him to paddle your child. What ...

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