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A Christian Alternative to the Boy Scouts: Trail Life USA

Many are aware that recent changes by the Boy Scouts of America have now allowed the participation of openly gay leaders. They have allowed gay youth in their organization since 2013. What you may not know is Trial Life USA offers an alternative to participation in the boy scouts. Trail ...

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Why One Pastor Chose Not To Be Homosexual

Can Christianity and homosexuality go together? Many in the gay community, including some liberal pastors, think so, but here is the account of one who thought differently. Ever since high school Allan Edwards had an attraction to other men. He shared his concerns openly while attending a Christian college. Then ...

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The Story Of An Ex-Lesbian

If one thinks that homosexuality is something people are born with, this story will change that perspective. The last name of this person was left off in the article from which this account is taken to avoid backlash from the gay community. I am going to leave her name out ...

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