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There Are Still Teenage Heroes

I remember the pressure in my teen years, probably the hardest years of my life.   I knew I was no hero.  Unpopular, pimpled and never asked out on a date.   I was prude by default it seemed like and I made plenty of bad choices that if I could change, I would.  However, life ...

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The Codependent Christian

  Psychologists define codependency as an inordinate and unhealthy compulsion to rescue and take care of people, and when you allow another person’s problems to control how you think, feel, and act.  This can occur with spouses, family members, and friends. Enabling goes hand in hand with codependency. Enabling is ...

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Setting Boundaries-Part 1

Today’s article will be from a two-part series on setting boundaries.  Setting boundaries in a relationship can be a challenge, yet establishing a border can help people identify who they are as an individual. Many people have trouble setting boundaries. In relationships, a boundary is what divides one person so they ...

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