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What Kind of Christian is Donald Trump?

Donald Trump continues to lead among Republicans in the polls. As with most candidates religious beliefs and practices can be an issue. With this goes the question: “Does one want a president who is a strong leader or who shares one’s faith and belief in God? Is it possible to ...

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Study Reveals “consistent differences” in Children Raised by a Parent of a Same-Sex Romantic Relationship

Statistics from pro-homosexual groups and pro-family organizations have all had their say regarding the matter of children who grow up in a non-heterosexual environment. Both research and opinions have flooded not only databases but also the Internet with each side claiming supportive information for their cause. However, no studies conducted ...

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Children Of Same-Sex Partners Are Speaking Out

An unanswered question has been how does a a same-sex partner relationship affect the children? That is beginning to be addressed. Presently over 220,000 kids are being raised by gay or lesbian parents. With 36 states now having legalized homosexual marriage it is only going to increase. Two gay advocacy ...

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