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Angel Food and an Attitude

My neighborhood in the 1970’s was like many around the country—filled with local shops owned for generations by neighborhood families. We had a small pharmacy that had assisted those with illness and provided penny candy and small gifts for children for over a century, and the local beauty shop was ...

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A National Debt of Gratitude

In a recent Bottom Line article, Amelia shared her excitement of participating in a Memorial Day parade by marching down the sidewalk snapping photos. What an uplifting article! Her perspective gave me hope that my observations at our local Memorial celebration do not, perhaps, indicate the national trend I suspected. ...

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The Danger of Not Giving Thanks

With the Thanksgiving holiday being celebrated today, it is a day where many take time to be with family and friends and reflect on the things that they are thankful for. It is great to have a day set aside to give thanks; but for Christians, it is important to ...

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