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Our Veterans Young and Old

Here are two stories about veterans spanning the younger and older generations. Army Corporal Ethan Laberge was severely wounded in Afghanistan by a suicide bomber which killed two of his buddies. Shrapnel disabled his legs and right arm. He so far as gone through 10 surgeries. He also suffered memory ...

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Army of God

This week we celebrate Veteran’s Day…the American holiday that recognizes the service soldiers give (and gave) for America.  We thankfully honor those who give their lives to protect freedom.  The brotherhood of servicemen awes me; the commitment to fellow soldiers is beautiful to behold.  Soldiers who have battled together especially ...

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Worthy of Honor

As a soldier, he had served our country well and was now flying back home.  He was accompanied by his family and an escort, seated comfortably in coach,  while our soldier traveled comfortably in the cargo hold.  You see, he had given all he had, literally, for his country and ...

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